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Github has recently made some small changes to how you comment on pull requests. The button to add a comment is now between the line number »

Regular Expressions - \z and \Z

I recently discovered that \z and \Z (which match the end of the input) have subtly different behaviour (this is in Ruby but it behaves the »

Git grep and gitattributes

Git has a grep ability. It's way faster than grep and ignores stuff in the .git directory that you probably weren't looking for anyway. This git »

The accepts_nested_attributes_for Handbook

Rails has accepts_nested_attributes_for which helps when building forms that combine a parent and their related models. Unfortunately, I normally get it wrong and »

Unchecking Trello Cards

I use Trello quite a lot at work and one feature that's always been quite handy is the checklists you can add to cards. Unfortunately, sometimes »

O Tannenbaum

Today was the day of the Christmas tree. After a trek around town to all the places that weren't selling trees we finally made it to »