What have Google done now?

Gah. My eyes. They hurt! Seriously Google, get rid of it. Nobody likes it and it’s hell for usability. How Marissa Mayer can post about being excited about this “feature” and still keep some claim to being responsible for user experience is beyond me.

What makes this worse is the fact that the link to turn the background off that is mentioned in the help page doesn’t seem to exist on my computer (using Google Chrome on Windows at the moment as I’m at work so it’s not even a crazy browser setup or anything). Additionally when I try to change the background using the control panel thing (when I’m logged in), it opens the window which is just blank, loads for a short while then redirects to a page asking for my password again. Once entered it then sends me back to the home page with no changes to the background. Trying to change the background again just sends me thought the loop repeatedly. Google you are getting to be made of more suck.

Edit: if you want to view the Google homepage without the “art” you can load up http://google.com/webhp?pli=1