Make #8: Leather Dice Bags

I’ve had a nice leather dice bag for years now and it’s been great. I picked it up during viking week one year at York and it’s served me well for many years, but recently, having been getting more into Fate (which uses different dice and involves tokens as well) I found myself wishing I had another dice bag to use so I could separate things out a bit. This seemed like a great opportunity for a make…

The collection

I watched a few YouTube videos on how to make pouches, including one which had a nice design that resulted in a more square bottomed pouch and then found a local shop that sold leather working tools and supplies. The next day I picked up a bit of leather, some drawstring cord and a few tools and spent the evening putting a pouch together. I’m really pleased with the result despite the draw string not holding it closed quite as well as I hoped with just a leather cordlock (the holes weren’t positioned quite right) so I’ve since upgraded to a metal clasp.

A dice bag

Since that first pouch I’ve made two more. One using a different design that results in a more open bag which I’m using for coins used as tokens when running Fate and the other using the same design as the first bag, but scaled up to fit more dice and with the holes better positioned for the drawstring. I’d like to make one with a circular base similar to my original bag from the viking fair, but I’m holding off until I get some new tools and more colourful thread which is currently en-route from China.

Opened up for easy access